E-Learning localisation

Flexible approach achieves results

The world of technology, project management and linguistic excellence operate in close harmony at Eclipse Translations.

One of the most interesting ways we see this is in the work we are regularly asked to do on E-learning projects where modules need to be localised for staff training. The wide range of content we see on these projects makes this interesting work, with examples including corporate codes of conduct, staff environmental & sustainability training, insurance risk training and pharmaceutical cleaning and validation training.

The nature of our work in this area can be varied with a strong emphasis on being flexible. For some projects, we manage the complete workflow, including the localised software build and testing. For others, we need to work closely with a client’s team to make sure our part of the process (localisation of content, images, voice recording and animation) is delivered on time and integrates seamlessly with the overall project. In all of these projects, we manage the cultural adaptation of the content and advise on appropriate use of images, colour and necessary content adaptation for the relevant market.

One recent Japanese localisation project we worked on demonstrates this need to combine technical engineering, project management and linguistic skills to deliver an end-to-end service.

Initially developed in English using the Articulate Presenter authoring tool, our remit was to create a fully functional localised version that mirrored the original. Our teams worked together to deliver the various project stages and deliver a SCORM compliant build which our client was able to use. This project was successful because the team could bring together the technical engineering skills with excellent linguist services and manage the approval and version control stages to deliver a finished project on time.

However, some clients prefer to manage the software engineering aspects themselves and we also work on many projects as part of our client’s team. In these instances, we adapt their approach to work in the client’s LMS or CMS systems or work with extracted files.

Being able to work flexibly and having the technical competence to adapt our approach to different client requirements is certainly a key part of our localisation service and makes for very interesting projects.

A Top 10 Global Language Service Provider

An annual study by an independent market research company has confirmed that our parent RWS Group is this year ranked sixth in the highly influential Global Top 100 Language Service Providers.

Across the Group we now employ over 750 and our reported turnover for the last financial year was £95.2 million.

The ranking reflects the significant investment across all areas of the Group to meet what continues to be a growing demand for outsourced language services which the survey, by Common Sense Advisory (CSA Research), estimates will reach US$40.27 billion in 2016.

“As a Group, we continue to grow both organically and as a result of selective acquisitions. This in turn allows us to enhance the services we can offer to Eclipse’s customers and deliver more value to our shareholders”, commented Eclipse’s managing director Stuart Carter.

CSA Research found that demand for translation and interpreting services and supporting technologies continues and is growing at an annual rate of 5.52%. As part of the study, the firm surveyed providers from every continent to collect actual reported revenue for 2014, 2015, and expected revenue for 2016. The study confirms that the market continues to expand, however the current growth rate of 5.52% represents a slight decrease over last year’s rate of 6.46%.

As organisations both large and small address more languages, it is predicted the language services industry will continue to grow and the market will increase to US$45 billion by 2020. Factors driving this demand include continued growth in global mobile and ecommerce, the internet of things (IOT) and legislation requiring access to language services for immigrants, refugees, in the courts and for public safety.

Interpreting and the Medical and Life Sciences sectors

The life sciences make a major contribution to improving our quality of life with applications in medicine and pharmaceuticals, agriculture and food science. For those working in this sector, whether assessing symptoms, checking trial results or advising on dosage, accurate communication is vital.

Our interpreting team has extensive experience in this field, using our highly specialist interpreters to assist clients across the UK, Europe, Russia and further afield. A recent project, for example, saw us putting together a team of interpreters to assist auditors working on the source data verification of a clinical trial for an oncology treatment conducted in Eastern Europe and Russia.

Our remit was also to provide accurate costings, arrange travel and accommodation, brief the interpreters in advance of each site visit and review performance afterwards. Over several months, we helped with 19 separate meetings assigning specialist interpreters on a one-to-one basis to the auditors who had travelled from the US and Europe to analyse the huge amounts of data collected for its accuracy and validity.  The languages involved included Bosnian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian and Ukrainian.

These projects are extremely demanding with a small team working long hours to exacting deadlines in order to validate the study. A large part of how successfully things ran on-site was down to finding the right team of interpreters. Selecting them on the basis of their language ability, knowledge of medical subject matter and previous experiences of working in an audit environment, allowed us to pre-empt requirements and work in conjunction with the auditors to create a time efficient process. Where possible, we used the same teams of interpreters in each country to build their familiarity with both the actual study and the auditing teams.  In many cases the visits were organised to particularly tight timeframes, often 48 hours or less.

Creating the circumstances whereby the language support allows a trial like this to be completed on time and budget and contributing to the introduction of new medical treatments is a hugely rewarding part of our job.

In addition to other clinical trials and audits for national bodies including the FDA and Korean Drug Authority, our interpreters have assisted at review meetings for the introduction of new treatments with the relevant European agencies and at Data Monitoring and Virtual Advisory Boards to support best practice and on-going trials.

Their specialist knowledge of medical terminology has also been used for conferences covering topics as diverse as wound therapy, nephrology, oncology and respiratory disease as well at events to launch new treatments to both medical professionals and the media and international legal hearing relating to medical patents.

Life sciences may be a multi-million dollar industry but the values of cost-efficiency and proven value remain key and our team is happy to use its knowledge to make this happen.


Richard and Adam join our expanding team

We are delighted to welcome Richard Scott and Adam Shanley to our expanding team. Their arrival follows recent contract wins and demonstrates our commitment to delivering outstanding customer service.

Richard, 36, has been appointed project management team leader after 11 years at British Airways in Newcastle where he rose to training and development manager following 6 years as operations leader.  He will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the team providing translation services for nearly 200 clients based around the world.  A key role will be to ensure smooth client liaison and delegation of work to both internal teams and our large resource of external translation specialists.

Richard, said: “Eclipse is a fast-paced business with a dynamic client base. Ensuring the team is focused, working to deadline and at all times delivering accurate high quality work is a big part of my role. At the same time there is also a strong, caring ethos where colleagues are supportive and helpful.  This can be seen in the way that people relax and socialise with each other on a regular basis and the proactive stance the company has taken in areas such as health, fitness and wellbeing.”

Adam, 26, is returning to the company as project manager, after a 12 month period where he was part of the operational team for a North East MP. He studied French and German with Business at Hull University and further strengthens the team’s ability to service customers in their own language.

Stuart Carter, managing director, Eclipse Translations, said: “There are many factors that must come together for a translation agency to maintain its performance. One of the most important is focusing on the customer experience to ensure that they receive the very best service and that is a top priority for us.  Success in achieving this is very much down to the quality and calibre of the people that we employ and we are certain that Richard and Adam will be valuable new additions to the team.”

Our route to the Golden Bridge Awards

On Thursday, as part of parent RWS Group, we are in the final of the Golden Bridge Awards, organised by the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain. It promises to be an outstanding occasion and we are up against some fantastic companies. As we move towards the event, it gives us a moment to reflect on all the work undertaken by the Group, in recent years, to develop this important market.

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