Client Quality Survey

As a company absolutely focussed on accuracy and client service, the feedback we receive from clients and, most importantly, how they feel we can further improve – is critical to us.

It informs so many aspects of our business – the most important being our approach to continuous improvement.

This includes the training we provide our staff, how we look to adapt our processes, new techniques that we need to adopt and, increasingly, investment in new technology and systems.

So, what does our latest Quality Survey amongst clients tell us?
The top line is that 97.5% of respondents are happy with our services. We strive for 100% but on the basis that no one person or company is 100% perfect and there is always room for improvement, we take this as evidence that we are providing a service that our clients value.

Some of the more specific feedback we received was very informative. Some clients expressed a desire for visibility of our available capacities and turnaround times in advance, so as to provide them with insight when approaching us with urgent projects. There was also an appetite for updates on the latest technologies we are rolling out and its benefits to them and then specific questions on system functionality.

At a time when we are experiencing growth both from new and existing clients, this is very valuable feedback and will most certainly be acted upon.

Customer service

When asked about our customer service, clients said they particularly like our personal approach, timely delivery, fast response and flexibility. They liked:
“The consistent communication and fast response to every enquiry”
“paying attention to details and understanding individual client needs”
“very good responsiveness, quality, project planning, cooperation”
“The staff are very friendly, approachable and also respond quickly to enquiries”

Quality of service:

On quality of service clients said that
“All translation quality has been very good and delivered to timescales”
“The feedback I have had is that the translations are good”
“Good translation quality, very high reliability, delivery always on time”
“Interpreters always attend sessions as planned, feedback has been good….”
“Interpreters supplied of good quality”
We would like to thank all of our clients for their feedback and suggestions. We really do appreciate it and we are committed to continually reviewing our performance to ensure we get things right.

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