Exporting to Belgium

RWS Group trades in 71 overseas markets. In 2014, 78% of our trading was with companies in the EMEA region. Belgium represents our 5th largest overseas market in 2014.

In 1993, we opened sales offices in France, Germany and Switzerland to help us achieve a far greater penetration of the European market than when solely based in the UK. With our strong background in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, the Belgian market was considered to be a key strategic new market to target.

In 2001 we created a division dedicated to the Benelux market (RWS Benelux) which has since been hosted by our French office. Native Dutch and French speaking business development managers, account managers and project managers were recruited to facilitate contact with Belgian companies and organizations and to increase in-house knowledge and understanding of the Belgian market.

Since then, the number of companies and organizations in Belgium using our services has increased more than tenfold as well as our trade revenue generated in the Belgium market. Our clients now represent the whole spectrum of the Belgian market: private as well as public sector, from SMEs to the largest Belgian companies, and covering many industry sectors.

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