The three fastest growing language pairs

Here at Eclipse Translations we were very interested in the most recent findings by Common Sense Advisory (CSA) into outsourced language services and technology in which participants listed their three fastest-growing language pairs.

Rather than review the data for all the language pairs reported by respondents, CSA focused on the top 10 most used languages from its annual study of global websites.

The pairs in most demand correlate with the top 10 languages that reign online. These are English, Chinese, Spanish, German, Japanese, French, Arabic, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian and Korean.

English featured in the first nine pairings. The fastest growing demand was for English – Spanish, followed by English with Chinese, French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic, Italian. The 10th fastest ranking was Spanish – Portuguese.

The findings should be a signal to the buyers of translation services that they are not missing any popular languages that would allow them to appeal to a wider client base. Meanwhile, language service providers should monitor the demand for languages to ramp up resources effectively.

*Common Sense Advisory is an independent market research company assisting companies to profitably grow their international businesses and gain access to new markets and new customers.

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