What is a True Quality Service?

Quality should be a given in the eyes of the customer buying a professional service. Professional implies that the product will be good and fit for purpose.

Here at Eclipse Translations we are, first and foremost, a people business. We are reliant on the quality of our staff to ensure that quality prevails at all times.

However, it is not enough to have good people. In addition to linguistic demands, projects can be technically challenging as well. A range of technology and formats, legacy materials, terminology management, in-country sign off and longer supply chains mean that quality as a given becomes more than just relying on the right linguistic team.

So, it is critically important we have the right processes, technologies and approach to add value when working with teams within organisations to deliver projects on time and to budget.

Quality is impacted by more than just how good the written words are. Competence in the latest technology is key to localise eLearning tools, apps, content management systems or learning management systems.

Without effective project management of the entire workflow, quality is difficult to achieve.

Did we integrate seamlessly with the customer’s technology? Was their time to market reduced because we could work directly with their systems? It is noteworthy that our internal quality meetings review so much more than whether customers are happy with the words we translate. Our latest quality stats confirm we are meeting our quality objectives and that we are getting the balance right between robust procedures, technological competence, customer experience and of course linguistic excellence.

What is a given is that at Eclipse we are committed to deliver superior quality.

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