Business update

It was a very busy summer for all of us at Eclipse. We have welcomed some new clients on board and taken great pleasure in renewing or extending our work with existing clients.

Our aim, as always, is to deliver the highest quality service at truly competitive rates. That strategy is a main reason for our success and why we are delighted to confirm the award by the European Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfurt, Germany of a new contract for the provision of remote legal translation services.

Our tender was selected as the most ‘economically advantageous’. Eclipse has been providing translation services to the ECB for over eight years. This new contract will run for four years and cover all EU source languages.

We believe that winning substantial new work from existing clients such as the ECB is the clearest sign that we are providing the market with the services and solutions that are required.

Meanwhile, we are increasingly being asked to assist the global implementation of large scale corporate transformation projects and this is where further contracts have been gained with existing customers.

Global success requires that companies communicate effectively with customers and employees in every market where they do business. We are increasingly helping companies deliver transformation programs in 100s of languages and locales. In the last few months we have provided localisation support across a number of global implementations of systems including SAP, Workday and Halogen.

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