International opportunities for the Northern Powerhouse

UKTI Export Week

The North of England – or the Northern Powerhouse as it is now often referred to – exports cheese to France, tea to China and fashion to Italy.

It currently delivers exports of £60 billion, with gross domestic product approaching £350 billion, making it the world’s 21st largest economy.

For those of us who live and work in the North East corner of the Powerhouse, we are only too well aware that the region has a proud tradition of exporting.  I attended the NEIGE Conference this week as part of UKTI North East’s contribution to the national Exporting Is GREAT campaign. There was a very enthusiastic audience, many of them potential first time exporters.

There was some very shrewd advice on offer and one of the key priorities constantly emphasised by the experts was to ensure that your communication strategy was very carefully attuned to the needs of the local market – and central to this was top class translation. Here are some of the key tips that I took away

  • Start with markets close to home (Benelux, Sweden, France, Germany)
  • Ensure your products are ‘export ready’. Think about your business cards, brochures and literature. Getting a professional translation is really important
  • Carefully research the territory you are going into and ask yourself ‘what is this market going to ask of me’, then get prepared so that when customers come calling you are read

For many companies the prospect of entering the export market can be daunting. However, there is a great level of support available from UKTI and business support organisations such as the North East Chamber of Commerce, Flanders Investment & Trade and the German-British Chamber in Great Britain.

Last, but not least, there is a great translation and interpreting company that will make your access to new markets as smooth as possible!

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