Northumbria University link continues at Modern Languages Employability Week

I was very pleased to represent the company at Employers’ Day, which forms part of the Modern Languages Employability Week, held at Northumbria University.

This is an annual event hosted by the University which creates a unique opportunity for students to meet with a wide range of organisations looking to employ graduate linguists. Consequently, the event which this year included a networking lunch sponsored by the UKTI, provides students taking degree courses in French, Spanish and International Business with tips and ideas on maximizing their future employment opportunities.

As a Senior Translator at Eclipse Translations and having previously worked in the education sector, I really enjoyed being able to share my knowledge with undergraduate students who are currently identifying their career paths.

As an employer in the language services sector, we believe it is important to support those universities educating the next generation of graduate linguists and have developed an on-going relationship with the Languages Department at Northumbria University. Taking part in these events is a great opportunity for us to engage with the workforce of the future and to ensure they are familiar with the world of work.

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