Susan Bathgate talks Better Health at Work

We speak to office administrator, Susan Bathgate, advocate for Better Health At Work.

I joined the team last July and as part of my role I was keen to lead on ‘Better Health At Work’, a campaign the company has been involved in for the last four years.

The programme is comprised of what you could describe as stepping stones. We had already achieved the bronze, silver and gold accreditation and we have just completed our first year of the Continuing Excellence programme which is a three year skills progression cycle.

Better Health At Work is administered by a range of local NHS Trusts.

We hold five events a year which are linked to national initiatives, for example, the Macmillan Coffee Morning. We will also look to take part in National Stress Awareness Day, backed by the International Stress Management Association

On a smaller scale, we also have weekly lunchtime walks on Tuesdays and Thursdays – we try to be a healthy bunch! If you are passing the Alnwick area you may spot some of us enjoying a brisk walk. Thirty minutes provides a way of filling your lungs with fresh air and, most importantly, allows us to enjoy a chat away from our desks.

Leading on the campaign is good fun yet also challenging. Throughout the year I have to provide evidence that we are fulfilling the criteria correctly. This year I will be submitting a case study on our initiatives and in 2016 I will need to provide a portfolio of evidence including a range of surveys from various members of the team to showcase how we are delivering and benefiting from the scheme.

Thanks to the company I have also had the opportunity to progress on a personal level as I am currently studying for a Level One Certificate in Wellbeing, which is accredited by awarding body NCFE and covers five modules – alcohol and stress awareness, mental health awareness, dementia awareness, and personal safety and substance misuse.

I study for this is my spare time and it is really helping to support my appreciation of the Better Health At Work Campaign. I am really looking forward to the months ahead, especially May 18, when colleague, Lisa Wilson and myself, will be hosting ‘Mindful Monday’, sharing advice and tips on meditation.

We have much more in the pipeline and we are certainly looking forward to toasting a fruity mocktail to showcase our support for World Cancer Research Fund UK!

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