Christmas Traditions

Each country has its own unique way of celebrating the Christmas season. Below is a small selection of our favourite traditions from around the world.


There is a superstition that if you put the carp’s scale in your wallet, you will be lucky and rich in the year to come.


An old tradition dictates that each member of the family must stir the Christmas pudding mix in a clockwise direction before it’s cooked, making a wish as they do.


Fried chicken is a popular dish on Christmas Eve, due to a particularly powerful advertising campaign.

The Netherlands

December 26 is called Second Christmas Day. Often the family goes out to a restaurant to eat on that day. Many concerts, recitals, and other musical performances make this Christmas Day special.


Icelandic children leave a shoe on their bedroom windowsills for 12 days at Christmas. Unlike many countries that have one Father Christmas, Icelandic children have the Yuletide lads. Each night a different Yule lad fills the shoe with sweets or gifts ready to enjoy in the morning, unless you have been naughty of course!

Northumberland companies demonstrate how to ‘Tackle’ the export market

Two Northumberland companies are evidence that while export is critical to their success, some of the very best customer service is actually on the doorstep.

Or, in the case of Alnwick-based Pure Fishing and Eclipse Translations, it is just the other side of the A1!

Both companies are longstanding and active members of the North East England Chamber of Commerce and have formed a strong working relationship based on their respective success in international markets.

Pure Fishing, which acquired Hardy & Greys, and its subsidiary Hardy Advanced Composites in 2013, has 12 brands that operate worldwide providing specialist fishing tackle and gear. The latter business, which was known as House of Hardy, has its origins in the 1870s when it started as a gunsmith before moving into fishing.

Demand for product across the breadth of its brand portfolio is continuous and growing. Alongside this the company has a rapid product development programme, which means that customers need to be made regularly aware of new launches and enhancements to existing products.

Al Cross, European marketing manager for Pure Fishing, said: “We need to communicate fresh updates on a regular basis with the primary languages being French, Spanish, German and Dutch, although we also occasionally use Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Czech and Slovak.

“The process has the potential to be complicated as we need to use a lot of technical terms and there are also a large number of different versions of a product. For example, in our Greys brand alone there are rods that cover fly, Carp, Coarse, Predator and Sea. When you then factor in product length, weight and style, there is a tremendous amount of detail that needs to be accurately translated. It is crucial that it is correct as it is on the basis of this information that customers make purchasing decisions.

“While we stretch out across the world, we are very much aware of our roots here in Northumberland and that as both a company and as people we are very much part of the community. Where possible, we always look to engage with local businesses and that is why we are so pleased to have developed a relationship with Eclipse Translations. It is another company that is deeply embedded in the region and is passionate about North East business.”

Eclipse provides translation services that cover all of Pure Fishing’s primary marketing channels including websites, catalogues, manuals and product specification sheets. To ensure accuracy of content, Pure Fishing has a dedicated team at Alnwick that is solely responsible for content updates and these are forwarded to Eclipse by file, in English, for translation.

Eclipse, which is this year celebrating its 20th anniversary, employs over 30 staff and supports an extensive network of language specialists based around the world. It is also part of one of the top 10 languages providers in the world, RWS Group.

The company offers dedicated support in over 50 languages, with its key services being translation, interpreting, localisation, subtitling and voiceovers. Sectors it operates in include chemicals, pharmaceuticals, legal, financial services, defence, manufacturing, automotive, government and energy.

Sarah Cross, contracts manager at Eclipse Translations, said: “Similar to Pure Fishing, we have a very strong focus on export markets but at the same time have a large number of clients based here in the North East of England. We believe that mix is very important to us as it makes us both very connected to, and an integral part of, the regional business scene.

“We enjoy a great relationship with the team at Pure Fishing and have developed a very structured approach to the work that we do for the business which helps ensure that activity flows as smoothly as possible and to the highest quality.

“The benefit of building a long term relationship is that we can develop interesting tactics that assist the process. For instance, on behalf of Pure Fishing we have built up a glossary of technical terms that are used across the different brands that we are able to call upon and share with our client as required. The level of time saving that this allows is considerable and means the client can get-to-market at as short a space of time as possible.”

Financial sector: The formula for top class interpreting

Providing the highest level of interpreting support for the financial sector is challenging. Although English is the language of business, there is a requirement to ensure that everyone has understood exactly what has been discussed.  As new commercial trading relationships develop in addition to all EU languages, we have amongst others supported meetings in Russian, Turkish, Chinese and Korean.

So, just why is the sector so challenging?

First and foremost, the industry has its own specific terminology and with documents and meetings dealing with large investments and complex negotiations; it’s vital that we provide highly specialist and very accurate translation and interpretation.

Understanding the world of financial jargon is difficult whatever the language.  On occasion, it’s a case of knowing when not to translate because the word in question is an internationally understood term. Alternatively certain phrases may have a specific interpretation in each language. If a linguist doesn’t understand the context and meaning of a word, it is very difficult to translate it other than literally which ends up meaning nothing or being open to misunderstanding.

It is a challenge, but one we fully and confidently embrace thanks to developing a hand-picked network of interpreters with exceptionally strong core language skills who have worked on financial projects with investment banks, accountancy and legal firms.

In addition to the language requirements, due to the nature of many of these projects confidentially issues are also paramount. All resources working with us go through a set registration process including being bound by a Confidentiality Agreement and we will also work on any additional client specific NDAs and security requirements.

We have regularly provided assistance with a range of projects from presentations by hedge funds to potential investors to speaker panels at derivatives conferences to European Works Councils for companies operating in this sector. We have also assisted with a number of high level court cases, both helping with the preparation of the pre-trial evidence to facilitating communication between all the judge and all parties during the court case.  Our key aim is that the only challenges come from negotiating the terms of the deal itself not from a lack of communication.

Get fearless and go global with your Podcast

Once upon a time, there was the award-winning campaign “Be more Dog”, now the time has come for you to “Be more Pod”.

Podcasting is a great way for brands to tell their story, and one of the best instruments used in marketing today.

Not only can they be used to captivate an audience and encourage followers, they can create a buzz around your products, information and services.

Businesses are now starting to take another step forward by providing their Podcasts in different languages. By introducing subtitles or voice-over to a Podcast you are starting to communicate internationally…. and potentially opening the door to many new opportunities.

Not only does a Podcast bring your brand closer to your customers but also provides you with a great opportunity to connect with your own employees. You can create podcasts for employee training, sharing information, bringing together your global locations and even showcasing your operations.

At Eclipse, this is a service we have seen grow rapidly over the past year couple of years, and we have already encouraged many of our clients take that step.  With our translation experience, technology and creativity we can help you find your global voice…and “Be more Pod”.

Season’s Greetings across the globe

Every day, at Eclipse Translations, we work with clients, colleagues, partners and suppliers around the world. And with the holidays nearly upon us, we wanted to thank you for your support and send our very best wishes for 2017.

So Season’s Greetings to you all!

Bulgarian: Весели празници!

Chinese: 佳节愉快

Danish: Glædelig jul og godt nytår

Dutch: Prettige Feestdagen

Finnish: Hyvää joulua ja onnellista uutta vuotta

French: Meilleurs vœux

German: Frohe Feiertage

Greek: Καλές Γιορτές

Hungarian: Kellemes ünnepeket!

Icelandic: Gleðileg jól og farsælt komandi ár

Italian: Tantissimi Auguri di Buone Feste

Japanese: 季節のご挨拶

Latvian: Priecīgus svētkus

Norwegian: God jul og godt nytt år

Polish: Moc życzeń!

Russian: Поздравляем с праздниками

Slovenian:  Srečne praznike

Spanish: Felices Fiestas

Swedish: God jul och gott nytt år

Thai: สุขสันต์วันคริสต์มาสและวันปีใหม่


320 million words translated as 20th anniversary is celebrated

As we enter the party season, here at Eclipse Translations we raise an extra glass as December is our 20th anniversary.

In an industry where accuracy and precision are taken as a given, we have unearthed some remarkable gems. We have worked on a staggering 120,946 projects, translated an eye-popping 320 million words, worked in 330 languages and won five prestigious awards.

It has been an incredible journey and we are delighted to say that we are continuing to recruit high calibre staff, win exciting new contracts and extend the work that we do for many of our established clients.

The company was established in Holland as a technical translation bureau before relocating to the UK and Eclipse Translations Limited was registered in 1996. The choice of name reflected the growing range of languages and services we started to provide from a small office in Alnwick town centre.

The company kept expanding and in 2001 we constructed purpose-built offices in Alnwick, where we still are today. After further growth and the acquisition of two languages businesses in the north of England, Eclipse was itself acquired by RWS Group in 2005.

We continue to expand our services and expertise as part of the highly resourced RWS Group, which is officially recognised as one of the top 10 language providers in the world. This success includes the company’s contribution to RWS winning the Queen’s Award for Export in 2015 – which was also the same year we won the Belgium Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce ‘Golden Bridge’ Trade & Export Award.

Stuart Carter, managing director, said: “There have been so many landmarks throughout the years and growth has been continuous. Our success to date is based on having a top quality team of people who are absolutely focused on the needs of our customers. So, great credit must go to every member of staff who, together, make a fantastic team.

“This is also a timely moment to thank all of our customers – both well established and new – who place their confidence in us and provide us with the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise and our commitment to helping them move their businesses or organisations forward.

“It is interesting that our birthday falls within the festive season, which is a time of reflection and taking stock. In our 20 years there have been many changes to the way that we operate and like so many other sectors, the biggest change is in the use of technology and its role in customer service. Technology permeates every aspect of our business and we anticipate that this will be even more the case as we move forward. Our aim at Eclipse is to harness technology with our people so that we provide our customers with exceptional levels of service – for many more years to come!”